About RTA


The Rice Taiwanese Association is a non-partisan cultural and social organization that celebrates and shares Taiwan's rich culture and heritage with students of Rice University. In order to offer our members the opportunity to meet other students interested in Taiwanese culture, RTA sponsors study breaks, family events, and socials for everyone to learn about Taiwanese traditions, music, and (of course) food. Past study break themes have included mahjong, dumplings, brush-painting seminars, shaved ice, red bean soup, mooncakes, and noodles. RTA also organizes and sponsors restaurant trips to get students outside the hedges and invested in Houston's Chinatown and Asian culture. Our biggest event of the year is our Night Market, hosted on Rice University campus in the Spring semester. RTA is supported by the Rice Student Center and Office of Multicultural Affairs, and is a member of the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association.

Get To Know Us

In addition to these events open to the Rice community, RTA members also form Families, who have their own budget to organize their own socials and outings. Examples of family events include movie nights, gaming sessions, boba runs, and family dinners. Our biggest joint family event is Iron Chef, an annual cooking competition we have organized for over ten years.

Whether you want to keep up to date with our events or join our big family, like our Facebook page and send us a message to join our listserv!

Officers 2018-2019

Co-Presidents: Kenneth Li and Allison Chang
Director of Publicity: Ryan Lee
Co-IVP: Safina Hsu and Priscilla Li
Co-EVP: Annabel Chang and Vienna Wang
Family VP: William Su
Treasurer: Allen Lin
Secretary: Christine Wang
Family Heads: Christine Wang, William Su, Frank Yang, Michael Tsay, Xindi Duan, Jessica Yuan, Lucille Tang, Joanna Yang, Michael King